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Blow Your Job Market Mindset

Is your mindset torturing your job search? Reset your strategy for landing a job that you love.

Introducing six job search mindset hacks to flip the switch on your mental approach to job hunting. 

Guiding you to find  the Real Workplace You, these concepts challenge what you love to believe but what’s not working - so that you can achieve results! Become empowered to change what doesn’t feel right and embrace a personal blend of what feels true to you. Use these mindset tools to break through the struggle to job-landing freedom!

How to Turn Your Greatest Weakness into a Strength

Learn the 3-step process to turn workplace weakness into a strength. Hack this original job interview strategy to skyrocket your confidence and impress interviewers. Contains over 2 hour of coaching material. Available from Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Tolino. 

Job Skills Guide and Worksheet 

Don't make the #1 mistake of most job seekers: underselling your skills. Learn the must-have skills to list for 2022. Don't miss the key areas that companies want to see. Boost your resume, LinkedIn and job interview content with this compact tool. Contains over 1 hour of coaching material. 

Soft Skills Blast Master List and Worksheet

You've got more soft skills than you realize! Find out what's missing with Soft Skills Blast. Grab the master list and follow the worksheet to quickly move your soft skills to new levels! Contains over 1 hour of coaching material.

10 Compact Hard Skills Hacks for Your Resume and Job Interviews

Stop underselling your hard skills right now. Grab these Top 10 questions plus worksheet. Discover what companies really want to see as your prepare your resume and job interview material. Contains over 1 hour of coaching material. 

Ultimate Script and Worksheet Bundle: Weakness-to-Strength Job Interview Strategy Tools $27

Contains over 2 hours of coaching material valued at $240. Save hours of energy with this compact tool. Step-by-step guidance to help you craft as many "weakness to strength" stories as you want for job interviews. Easy-to-understand brainstorming worksheets, scripts, checklists and prompts take you through the process from A to Z. Start your job interview strategy breakthrough today!