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If your application is outdated and tired, it's time for a makeover. 
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New Release from CareerLove!

Is your mindset torturing your job search? 

Reset your strategy for landing a job that you love.

Introducing six job search mindset hacks to flip the switch on your mental approach to job hunting.

Written by a 15 year veteran international resume writer and career coach, these tips guide you to find  the Real Workplace You. 

These concepts challenge what you love to believe but what’s not working - so that you can achieve results! Become empowered to change what doesn’t feel right and embrace a personal blend of what feels true to you. Use these mindset tools to break through the struggle to job-landing freedom!

Contact for Professional Help with Resume Writing Job Search Career Mindset Coaching Older Adults Executives Professionals in your 40s 50s 60s

What is Mindset Strategy? 

It's empowering you to move in the right direction. We tackle situations like these and turn them around: 

  • You've been underselling yourself
  • You got bad career advice from the wrong people
  • Your job search is scattered and frustrating
  • You are paralyzed in how to market yourself
  • You're applying for the wrong type of job
  • You don't know how to interpret job postings
  • You're doing something wrong but not sure what it is
  • Stuck during interviews, no confidence
  • Job hopper, uneven track record
  • Surrounded by negativity, you need a positive influence
  • You want a complete change and need advice
  • You want to relocate / move and work abroad

E-mail me for feedback on your documents / your situation. 

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Who works with me? 

A wide range of clients....
  • Senior management (C-level) looking for an edge
  • Trades and technical backgrounds
  • New grads and career-starters
  • Entrepreneurs, creatives, business-owners
  • Academics who want to break into private industry


  • Anybody who feels marginalized 
  • You're underselling yourself
  • The Overwhelmed, Super Busy and / or Confused
  • Job seekers in their 40s, 50s and 60s 
  • The High-Flyers and Risk-Takers

Hi, I'm Astrid

I'm your personal career coach, resume writer and mindset strategist. I'm in your corner to get you to the next level in your career. 

I've helped thousands of clients from around the world from all backgrounds. Now what about you? 

Keep scrolling to see what clients are saying about me. 

Contact for Professional Help with Resume Writing Job Search Career Mindset Coaching Older Adults Executives Professionals in your 40s 50s 60s

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  • Resume Makeovers, Resume Writing Services
  • Mindset Strategy Development & Transformation
  • LinkedIn Optimization Services
  • Text Editing & Proofreading Services
  • Career Coaching by phone or video call

Your resume partner: Astrid (Skye) Schmidtchen, M.A.

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E-mail me for feedback on your documents / your situation. 

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What clients are saying...

Annmarie Z., Project Manager, Transportation Engineering Software, Canada / Germany 

"I am totally wowed by what Astrid was able to do for me. I wanted to reorient my career but felt insecure about my age and my credentials. I wanted to get into the high tech field in project management but had no direct experience. I had been a language teacher for the past 8 years. Astrid was able to pull out my relevant work experience and highlight my strengths and skills. My CV looked so impressive when she finished: professional, clear and to the point. And there was no embellishment! It was just me in a way I had never seen myself. It worked! The company I was keen on actually responded that they wanted to meet me because my profile was interesting, even though I did not quite fit their requirements. At the interview, with some coaching from Astrid and a new confidence in my abilities, I was able to convince them that I was the right person for the job and I got it! I'm over the moon!"

David J., Virtual Executive Assistant and Voiceover Artist, USA / Germany 

"Astrid was able to take my hastily-formatted resume and create a keyword specific, function-driven effective version which landed me interviews faster than I'd ever experienced before. Her attention to detail and vast knowledge of the HR / Recruiting world as well as the do's and don'ts of the ever-evolving demands for job seekers is tremendous. She considers all rules and current trends while creating a stable presence for the job seeker. She is extremely function-focused as well as design conscious in resumes that stand out. I'm proud to submit my materials and put my best foot forward in my job searches now. An extremely talented writer and online profile consultant. Highly recommend!"

 Phil F., Environmental Safety Consultant, British Columbia / Canada

"Thank you for your help and your thoughts during our discussion and the work on my CV.  Your questions made me have to reflect on what my real legacy was. You've done so much to help restore and build my confidence."

Francois S., IT Manager, Frankfurt, Germany

"Thank you very much for the tips. I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your work and diligence. One thing I especially appreciated with your version is the focus on figures / number and concrete achievements I was lacking..... The (cover) letter is great and I can see the enormous difference with the letters I used to write".

Romulo M., Career Changer Hospitality, Brazil / Germany

"I just needed a few minutes talking to Astrid to lift my spirits and start believing that my idea of changing careers was not just a dream, but a process that could be planned and executed. She helped me to overtake the first, maybe the hardest obstacle...me. Our conversations were almost like a therapy. She boosted by confidence showing my strengths and achievements using the words in a natural way that placed my resume at a high level. So, no more despair, no more waste of time and energy, but focus, focus, focus. Astrid you are special."

Contact for Professional Help with Resume Writing Job Search Career Mindset Coaching Older Adults Executives Professionals in your 40s 50s 60s

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